Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 151 (Welcome To 2020) 

We open Your Weekly Dose Show #151 by having Barbara Walters and others say that famous phrase. Today's theme is Bringing In A Brand New Year by Charles Brown from the soundtrack New Years Eve. First thing we do to start off the New Year is talk to our spiritual advisor Tina Anderson. Then Amber talks about her NYE with her friends in Pasadena. Sean, Steve and Producer Zach talk about the poker party at Sean's house. Then we discuss the first two celebrities who've passed in 2020 Yankee hero Don Larson and Jazz musician Jack Sheldon.  Next we play Keith Urban's Tribute to those musicians we lost in 2019.  Then the gang reflects on 2019, Top Resolutions, Most Broken Resolutions and how we can keep our Resolutions.

LINKS:   NYE Soundtrack       Don Larson        Keith Urban Tribute






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