Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 149 (2019 Christmas Show) 

Here we are with Your Weekly Dose show #149. Today's theme is Mary Did You Know by Pentatonix. First thing we do have Amber shows off her jumper of Batman that's a boys size 12.  Next is a Mark and Brian past moment when Elvis relearns on how to do his famous Christmas Greeting. Zach gives is quick review of Star Wars. Amber tells how excited she is on giving her presents to the gang. Steve talks about going to Ca. Adventure and drinking wine. Sean recaps his family Christmas party. Next the gang creates holiday messages for your voice mail. Next everyone gives their favorite Christmas songs and then they play the worst Christmas song EVER! Then YWD Replays Mark and Brian's version of A Christmas Carol from 1997 Starring Kevin Pollack, Mark Hamill, Jenna Elfman, Jim J. Bullock, Jill Whelan, Jess Harnell, Mark and Brian Family Members and of course Mark & Brian. Then the gang get a breaking news from Washington DC in regards to the impeachment of President Trump.

LINKS:   Pentatonix     Andy Williams    Bob Hope   Grinch Soundtrack    The Polar Express Soundtrack










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