Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 140 (One Hell Of A Show) 

We open the show with If God Was A Woman by Richie Sambora. We start off things with Steve telling us about watching an orchestra play music from the game of Halo. Amber has a little of a rough week but let's us know her kids are dicks! Zach informs us about visiting the SALEM Kickstarter party with Sean. Plus he was able to correct his teacher but got no thanks. Sean talks about visiting his past bandmate Jamis Iovine and watching his country band perform. Then we get a special call from our friend & fellow podcaster Kat Ellis of Chords & Vines. Next they gang gives you Things You Can Say About Your Car But Not Your GF/Wife. Steve gives Kentucky Fun Facts, Sean gives Signs You're Not Ready For Marriage - then the gang has a small convo about jealousy. Then the gang talks about their favorite Halloween Costumes. 

LINKS:  Richie Sambora    Elvis     Sammy Hagar    







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