Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 136 (One More Gal ) 

We open the show with California Girls by The Beach Boys. We picked this song to honor the 3 more gals who will be apart of our Quest for the Co-Host with the Mo-host. Producer Zach is out sick so Steve & Sean hold down the fort first by giving you a M&B Past Moment with Listener Dustin's Special Talent. Steve talks about cat sitting while Sean gives us an update on his cover band. Then the guys pay tribute to Ric Ocasek of The Cars. Next the guys give you Funny Tweets about being single, New York State Facts and the most popular movies about dancing. Then the guys introduces contestant Gabriel who will be talking part of the Quest for the Co-Host with the Mo-Host. 

LINKS:  The Beach Boys    The Cars    Richard Cheese   Frank Sinatra     

              The Wonders       Jim Croce    Van Halen













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