Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 131 (Everyone's Back At School) 

We open with Honey Bee by Blake Shelton in honor of World Honey Bee Day.  First we talk about - Did Mark Thompson make a mistake on his podcast about Jimmy Webb? Then we catch up with one another - Steve talks about losing a friend to cancer, Zach relives driving off with the gas hose still in his car and going to Flappers - Sean talks about a quite week for him. Then we talk about the passing of actor Peter Fonda. Then the guys give you some Funny Tweets about those going back to school. Next the guys talk about the Worst and Best Degrees to get in College. Then Steve gives you the best degrees to give you the best paycheck right out of college. We then find out both Steve & Zach had bad high school experiences but we find out what the favorite subjects are for High School students! Next the gang talked about how School House Rock influenced them and got Sean through high school. 

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