Your Weekly Dose Podcast -Show 090 (Oh There You Are Brian!) 

We open the show with Last Plane Out by Toy Mantinee in honor of our guest. We Shout Ou to Dann Novak on the M&B 25 Year Page, Switch Boarder Laura and helping her with getting M&B into the radio hall of fame - Follow this handle on FB, Twitter and Instragram mandbRHOF.  We thank Intern Brittani & Asst Prod Genesis for their work. Then we find out Geneis went to a concert, Brittani's mole is cancerless. Then we talk to the man of the hour - BRIAN PHELPS. We learn what led Brian into comedy, how he got into radio, what he enjoyed most about doing Mark & Brian and his decision to leave KLOS and what he's been up to the last 4 years. 

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  • Jan
    Jan San Diego
    Love the show!

    Love the show!

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