Your Weekly Dose Podcast -Show 071 (The Music Man Doctor) 

We open the show with Two Princes by the Spin Doctors. We catch up with Steve talking about his new found game, Sean talks about closing a bar, Intern Debbie talks about being on her back all week and Producer Zach tells us about a new Virtual game. Then the gang talks about the passing of Kate Spade, Anthony Bourdain and Alan O'Neil. They give us some suicide facts and who to call if you feel like you need help. Next we talk about the Mark & Brian reunion that happened and read some of M&B Listeners reaction to the pic. Next we have in the room with us, special guest - Dr. Jim Sears formerly from CBS's The Doctors TV Show. We talk about his family, sailing, musical background and even meeting M&B for the first time. We also get a call from our friend Lisa who was on the show The Doctors. We also play the Island Game with Dr. Sears plus he kicks out butt in Quiz Me, Quiz YOU!













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