Your Weekly Dose Podcast - Show 063 (Return Of The Bloody Bloke) 

We open the show with Bon Jovi's Blame It On The Love of Rock N Roll to celebrate Sean's favorite band getting into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame! In the room joining YWD Host of The Sessions -  Christian James Hand. The gang starts off catching up about Phoebe's new job with a company that makes glasses, Steve tells us why he won't have to pay taxes anymore, Sean tells us about his new friendship with Dr. Jim Sears and even CJH tells us about his week of horror! Next the gang talks about the Class of 2018 for the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, undeserving inductees and hall of fame snubs. Then the gang celebrates the partnership of Mark & Brian that started 33 years ago in 1985. Steve gives us the Top 10 T.V. shows of 1985. Next everyone talks about Taxes and deliver M&B's offering of the IRS Comedian! Finally we get to the reason CJH came into the room - he gives us just a taste of his breakdown of classic & modern rock songs. At the end of the show YWD plays the full version of how Mark & Brian got together. Enjoy this special episode!

















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