Your Weekly Dose Podcast - Show 059 (Tasting A Bit of Whiskey) 

We open the show with Whiskey Drinking SOB by Mikel Knight. Why you ask? Well, It's St. Patrick's Day!! DUH !!!   We have an extremely busy show with it being St. Patrick's Day. First we introduce our friend Debbie, who wanted to come in in an just watch the show. Next we start drinking whiskey in honor of M&B and their drunk shows. We next catch up with Phoebe on the phone cause she was out sick with some food poisoning! Sean talks about the cute cop that pulled him over, Steve talks about the night before and Producer Michelle meets Oscar winner Gary Oldman. Next the gang talks about worst hangovers and the best drinking games. We then get a visit from Shamus the Leprechaun, tell you the top 9 rejected Lucky Charm Marshmallows - play you some Irish Drinking Songs and then offer a Pocket Size Cinema. We then close it out with What's News!? and then wrap up with the game. 
















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