Your Weekly Dose Podcast - Show 049 (Who's The F'ing Bloody Bloke?) 

Our first show of 2018 and we open with  Neil Sadaka's Calendar Girl. The gang is almost all here. We immediatley start Catching Up and find out why Inter Michelle was out, she had pneumonia !!! WTF !!  Our Gal About Town Vanessa tells us that she didn't go to Mexico for New Years but ended up in San Francisco instead, Steve talks about his neighbors New Years party,  Phoebe tells us how she got $200 for New Years and Sean didn't do anything!  Next we read everyone's Horoscope and it's seems January is a good month for all of us. We then do our first Pocket Size Cinema for 2018. The the man of the hour comes in the room - Mr. Christian James Hand !!  Talks about his career and does not hold back on his opinions on the music and radio industry. Then we talk about how he created The Sessions. This is an interview that is raw and amazing !!  So sit back and enjoy this amazing interview ! Please be warned that the F BOMB is dropped hundreds of times in this interview!!






















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