Your Weekly Dose Podcast - Show 020 (My Dad's Better Than Your Dad) 

Welcome to our Father's Day show. We open with Fathers and Sons by Chris LeDoux. What a great song!! We then jump right into catching up with Vee talking about her  boyfriend getting scammed, Steve going back & forth to the airport, Sean talks about his performance at Sam Ash and falling down the stairs (Vee can't stop laughing) and being proud about his son's grade and awards. The gang then jumps into paying tribute to the great Adam West including their own Bat-Sketch. Then it's all about Dad's - We talk about our dad experiences and play classic Bill Cosby and our friend Craig Shoemaker. While on the subject of fathers we recreate a classic M&B Pocket Size Cinema - A Sunny Day In Heaven.  We finish up with What's News?! and then the game.


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