Your Weekly Dose Podcast - Show 011 (Comedy For The Soul) 

WOW - what can we say about today's show!! We open up with The Beatles Taxman then briefly talk about opening weekend for Steve's play and Sean's get his car smogged then we jump right in with our in studio guest speaker/comedian The Lovemaster himself Mr. Craig Shoemaker !!  Craig spent a generous amount of time with us not just talking about his long career in comedy but also how he now helps people improve their lives with his speaking engagements that uses laughter as healing method.  He talks about how he overcame his family rejection, proving himself to his family and finding true happiness with laughter and he helps show us how laughter can heal.  This is such an inspiring talk - so sit back and enjoy!

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Craig will be performing at the Ontario Improve from April 20-23 Click here for more info & tickets

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