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Your Weekly Dose brings you fresh talk while paying homage to the Radio Hall of Fame Nominee's Mark & Brian.  Hosted by Sean Roberts and Steve Silva  - they quip on current events, interview a wide range of guests, throw in comedy sketches and perform regular features that'll leave you in stitches. Plus you get help from spiritual coach Tina Anderson, you find the movies to see from Paul Preston of The Movie Guys and get the best sports reports with OsDavis.  They'll also take your questions via phone, Twitter and Facebook, not to mention your chance to play the hilariously challenging trivia game "Quiz me, Quiz You."  Take Your Weekly Dose live every Saturday morning at 10am or listen to past show by subscribing to them here or via iTunes, iHeartRadio and Spotify. 

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Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 241 (Time To Gobble Gobble)  

Your Weekly Dose Show #241 Opens with Let's Turkey Trot by Little Eva - yes the same Little Eva that gave you The Locomotion. We open with Steve talking about his Fantasy football - Sean talks about doing a jam session and his visit to Petco.  Then we talk sports with Os Davis. Next the guys give you some Thanksgiving Tweets. Next they test Pickup Lines for Thanksgiving on Producer Kasey. What the top side dishes are from worst to best. Calling Butterball Hotline from the West Wing, Thanksgiving Facts and Johnny Cash's Thanksgiving Prayer. Last the guys offer up a Pocket Size Cinema Double Feature. 

LINKS: Little Eva's Music 






Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 240 (Thank You Vetrans)  

Your Weekly Dose Show #240 opens with Still A Soldier By Trace Adkins. Steve talks about his fantasy football, Sean talks about the Playboy Documentary and Kaitlyn talks about the movie that she's a production assistant on. Next the gang gets a call from the Veteran Comedian, then they share Hollywood's Veterans, Rock N Roll Hall of Fame class of 2021 and Fave Games they played as kids. 

LINKS: Trace Adkins Music






Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 239 (Steve's Older Than Disneyland)  

Your Weekly Dose  Show # 239 Starts off with Don't Be Cruel & All Shook Up by Elvis in honor of Steve's first kiss back in 1956. Yes today is Steve's Birthday show - We suggest you just sit back and listen cause we got a lot of show. First Sports with Os Davis, we then introduce a new family member Kaitlyn. Mike & Kay join us and give us 3 celebratory beers for Steve. Then calls from Paul Preston & Intern Skyelar. Then we share Birthday wishes from listeners, celebrity messages and emails and finally horoscopes. So sit back and enjoy!!

LINKS: Elvis music       Sports History Network





Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 238 (One Crazy Halloween)  

SHow #238 opens with The Time Warp by Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack

First Sean talks about this new diet drink - Steve talks about Fantasy Football. Then the boys go strait to Paul Preston for movie reviews this month. Then they talk with Might John Marshall about Halloween songs that are collectable. Next it's Funny Tweets on how to make a movie sound scary - The gangs fave Scary Movie - Top Costumes for 2021, Best Halloween Cocktails and finally Frankenstein Name That Tune.


LINKS:  Rocky Horror 





Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 237 (Tell Us Oh Crystal Ball)  

Your Weekly Dose Show #237 opens with We Will Rock You by Warrant. Sean talks about his son's birthday - Steve talks about his fantasy football and Producer Kasey talks about cleaning up after the fire. Then the boys talk about the passing of actor Peter Scolari and lyricist Leslie Bricusse. Next the guys ask the Crystal ball a few questions, especially about the Dodgers. Then they give a short history lesson about the swallows in Capistrano, Funny Church Signs and the rate the Best TV Show Hosts ever!

Links:  Gladiator Soundtrack    Warrant Music





Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 236 (Kirk & Mork Love Lucy)  

Hey Gang - Your Weekly Dose Show #236 opens with There's Only One Way To Rock by Sammy Hagar - Happy Birthday Sammy!  First Sean talks about visiting friend actress/singer Alieen Quinn and her band The Leapin Lizards and then also performing at a car show. Steve talks about getting blitzed with his friend Mike. Then the boys talk sports with Os Davis from the Sports History Network. Then the boy discuss Shatner in Space, Robin Williams Screen Test, Top 10 I Love Lucy episodes and Department Stores that have bit the dust - oh yeah and the guys have a new sponsor - we think.

LINKS: Sammy Hagar Music  







Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 235 (And The Winner Is Sugar Tits)  

YWD Show # 235 opens with Rock of Ages by Def Leppard. Steve talks about the storm we had here in So Cal. Sean talks about seeing Maroon 5 and find a box of stuff from high school. The the guys read stories where  kids got caught doing random things. Steve then gives motorcycle facts - Sean asks how often should you buy new underwear. Then the guy face off in a cake decorating contest - Steve wins! Then they offer up a Pocket Size Cinema and What's News?!

LINKS: Def Leppard Music     Cake Decorating Contest





Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 234 (Debuting Os Davis)  

Your Weekly Dose Show # 234 opens with Cleveland Rocks by Ian Hunter for Rocktober. Paul joins us to let us know about the new  Academy Museum  and his thoughts on Respect. We then debut our new Sports Reporter Os Davis - Please check out his website  - Next we give up Horoscopes and ask why to people name their car? We have the answers. Plus a little something from Producer Kasey. 

LINKS:  Ian Hunter Music






Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 233 (Whaling Comic One Hit Wonder)  

For Show #233 we open with That Thing You Do by The Wonders from the film That Thing You Do in honor of One Hit Wonder Day. Steve talks about losing his backpack - Sean talks about getting ready for another show. Then the gang tells us what their favorite One Hit Wonder is. Then the guys talk to Might John Marshall about the most collectable 45's that are One Hit Wonders. Then Sean gives you the most expensive Comic's - Steve gives you the Mexican Words of The Day for Hispanic Heritage Month and then the guys call Shamu the Whale for his special day.

LINKS: That Thing You Do 





Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 232 (Hey!! Stop Hiding My Cookies!!!)  

We open the show with Cheeseburgers In Paradise by Jimmy Buffett in honor of National Cheese Burger Day. But first Steve talks about his Fantasy Football and Sean talks about him gigging out and playing music again. Then the boys introduce their new producer Kasey Summers and we learn about Kasey through the Island Game. The we have our guest Ellia Krossoff - CEO of Leaf Brands LLC and he tells us why he's bringing back certain products including the Hydrox Cookie. The original sandwich cookie and how the makers of OREO are preventing you from buying possibly your favorite cookie as a kid.

LINKS: Jimmy Buffett music         HYDROX Cookies








Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 230 (Welcome Back Steve)  

Your Weekly Dose Show #230 opens with Back in the Saddle by Aerosmith cause Steve is BACK!!  Yes after a month in Utah we catch up with Steve visiting his family.  The guys then offer up Horoscopes, Macadamina Fun Facts, America's Fave Pizza Toppings and Types of Pizza -Plus College students tell us their fave food tor tailgating, Funny Labor Day Tweets and What's News.






Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 229 (You mean Paul's Still There)  

Your Weekly Dose Show #229 is here and open with Red Red Wine by UB40 in honor of National Red Wine Day. Paul comes back for round two, stepping in for Steve. First Paul & Sean catch up, talk about the great Charlie Watts, then Paul gives us his movie reviews. We get a visit from Edward Gordon for the Tinseltown Spotlight. Then the guys talk about their pets who've passed, facts about bow ties, songs Paul didn't know were covers, funny signs in bars and What's News.







Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 228 (Hey That's Not Steve)  

Your Weekly Dose Show # 228 opens with Radio Ga Ga by Queen to honor National Radio Days.  Steve is still in Utah so today we have in co-hosting with Sean is our very own Paul Preston from The Movie Guys!  Sean & Paul Catch up with eachother on what they both have been doing. Then they give you Honey Bee Facts, Celebrate Radio Days by talking about radio when they were young and can Paul guess the correct heights of the shortest men in Hollywood? Plus a tribute to legendary songwriter Tom T Hall.





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