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Your Weekly Dose brings you fresh talk while paying homage to the Radio Hall of Fame Nominee's Mark & Brian.  Hosted by Sean Roberts and Steve Silva  - they quip on current events, interview a wide range of guests, throw in comedy sketches and perform regular features that'll leave you in stitches. Plus you get help from spiritual coach Tina Anderson, you find the movies to see from Paul Preston of The Movie Guys and get the best sports reports with OsDavis.  They'll also take your questions via phone, Twitter and Facebook, not to mention your chance to play the hilariously challenging trivia game "Quiz me, Quiz You."  Take Your Weekly Dose live every Saturday morning at 10am or listen to past show by subscribing to them here or via iTunes, iHeartRadio and Spotify. 

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Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 268 (Summer's Here, Bring On The Good Times)  

Your Weekly Dose episode #268 opens with Summer, Where Do We Begin from Phineas & Ferb Across the 2d Dimention because summer has started !!! We all catch up - Producer Kasey talks about how busy she's been, Forrest talks about his school catching on fire and Sean wishes his mommy a Happy Birthday plus a special announcement.  Next the guys offer up a Tinsel Town Spotlight, celebrate Global Beatle Day, Movies with Paul Preston, Fave things about summer and do facials for National Beautician's Day.






Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 264 (Honey, Pass The Pomegranate)  

Your Weekly Dose Episode #264 starts off with Bicycle Race by Queen for National Bike To Work Day. Special Guest Co-host Forrest Hartl joins us again and talks about his trip to Wisconsin & Sean talks about breaking his iPad. Next the guys talk about the Most Endangered Species, What They do If They Won The Lottery and Food To Spice Up Your Sex Life. Then we get sports with Os Davis.

LINKS: Queen Music


Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 263 (Blame It On My Aim)  

Your Weekly Dose episode #263 starts off with Blame It On The Rain by Milli Vanilli  for National Blame Someone Else day.   We start off with the passing of country singer Naomi Judd, who committed suicide. Remember gang if you need help, talk to someone or better yet call the National Suicide Hot Line 1-800- 273-8225  They are available 24 Hrs. Next on Catching Up we find out Nia's surprise trip home, Sean and his train's, Producer Kasey say Mateo is normal now, Sportscaster Os likes Star Trek & guest Co-Host Browns Waters is going to be a grandpa. Then we talk with Professor Andrew Fraknoi about the moon and more. Nia gives us Chicken Dance facts and then we have an Archery contest - Check out our FB Live to see how we did. 

LINKS: Milli Vanilli 






Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 262 (Don't Throw Mama From The Train)  

Your Weekly Dose show #262 opens with Last Train To Clarksville by The Monkees in honor of National Train Day. In Catching Up Os talks about seeing Ghostbusters Afterlife, Guest cohost Forrest Hartel talks about a movie he just did, Producer Kasey say's Mataeo is still sick and Sean talks about going to an open mic. Next we get our monthly visit from Paul Preston from the Movie Guys, then it's Horoscopes and Sports with Os Davis. Then Sean gives us the Mexican Word of the Day, 10 most expensive Star Wars toys, Ryan Reynolds Mothers Ruin Puch, Mother's Day quotes and finally our traditional playing of Jimmy Dean's IOU.

LINKS: The Monkees Music  





Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 261 (Opera - Oprah - Oprah - Opera)  

We open this show with Honestly byt Hot Chelle Rae for National Honesty Day.  In Catching Up Nia talks about her film, Sean talks about a rough week and his son's play and Producer Kasey talks about Luis CK. Next Sean give you First Lady Facts, then Nia & Sean give you Funny Poems. Then is Sports with Os Davis. Then Sean & Nia give you the Top 10 Bugs Bunny Shorts and Funny Tweets from military spouses.

LINKS:  Hot Chelle Rae music 






Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 260 (You Can Call Me Nia Now)  

Your Weekly Dose Episode #260 opens with Take A Chance by Abba for National Take A Chance Day. We start off with talking about Abba songs and the worst song ever - Kaitlyn is now adding the name Nia to her name -  Kasey talks about the wedding - Sean talks how Nia ditched him & Steve after dinner. Next Nia gives some Jelly Bean facts. Then we hear from our friend Might John Marshall. Sports with Os Davis - then the fun begins with Shakespearean Texts, Pocket Size Cinema and What's News?! Then we really have fun with the game.

LINKS: Abba Music





Your Weekly Dose Podcasts Show 259 (Easter And Taxes)  

We open this show with Taxman Mr. Theif by Cheap Trick. Things kick off when Sean talks about a rough morning to get prepared for the show. Kaitlyn talks about being 21, Steve talks about going to an open mic and Producer Kasey talks about her rough morning. Next Sean shares a video where this guys records a Metallica song backwards. Then there's Tax Fact & Tax Quotes - The High Gas Comedian - Julian Lennon sings Imagine and What's News?! Oh yes and then Steve makes a special announcement.

LINKS:  Cheap Trick Music  





Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 258 (Kaitlyn's 21st Birthday Show)  

Your Weekly Dose - Episode 258 starts with Happy Birthday by  The Click Five. Well this show was all about Kaitlyn celebrating her 21st birthday and of course we did it in traditional YWD Style. So sit back as we go back to April 6 2001. Plus we received birthday messages from Alicia Keys, Marlee Matlin, Donny Osmond. Weird Al Yankovic and Dolly Parton. Plus special beers from our friends Mike & Kay. So sit back and help us celebrate Kaitlyn's birthday.

LINKS: The Click Five


Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 257 (The Adventures of Will Smith)  

Your Weekly Dose episode 257 opens with Love's A Slap In The Face by Kiss. Everyone first catches up. Sean talks about his drum lesson, Producer Kasey is now getting busy and even Os talks about his writting. Next it's Horoscopes, When AutoCorrect Goes Wrong. Then its Sports with Os Davis. Next we talk about Will Smith & how our friend Paul Preston got it right! Then New names for Will Smith movies and a special caller.

LINKS: KISS music    Kenny Sharretts 





Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 256 (And The Little Golden Guy Goes To...)  

Your Weekly Dose episode 256 opens with Learning To Fly by The Foo Fighters in rememberance of drummer Taylor Hawkins. Next we talk about the possum that visited us during our morning meeting. Sean talks about his sons choir, Kaitlyn talks about auditions for her webseries, Steve pays condolences to a friend who passed and a movie he discovered. Next we talk about the passing of drummer Taylor Hawkins. Then the gang talks with Paul Preston from The Movie Guys on who will win and should win the Oscar for this years show. Did Paul get it right. Did you watch? Then the guys test the girls on can they name that movies based on a quote and our favorite scenes from a movie.

LINKS: The Foo Fighters




Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 255 (Well Hello Dolly)  

Your Weekly Dose Show #255 opens with Laughter in the Rain by Neil Sedaka for National Laughter Day.  We start off with Steve talking about working on Kaitlyn's project & LaBron James, Kasey talks about how busy she's getting and Sean talks about his drum lessons. Next the guys give you some St. Patrick Day Tweets &Things We Believed As Kids. Then it's sports with Os Davis and Crystal Ball picks the Final Four, Kinda. Last we talk about Dolly Parton & The Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.

LINKS: Neil Sedaka Music







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