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Your Weekly Dose brings you fresh talk while paying homage to the Radio Hall of Fame Members Mark & Brian.  Hosted by Sean Roberts and Forrest Hartl  - they quip on current events, interview a wide range of guests, throw in comedy sketches and perform regular features that'll leave you in stitches. Plus you get Horoscopes at the top of the month, you find the movies to see from Paul Preston of The Movie Guys and get the best sports stories with Os Davis.  They'll also take your questions via phone, Twitter and Facebook, not to mention your chance to play the hilariously challenging trivia game "Quiz me, Quiz You."  Take Your Weekly Dose live every Saturday morning at 10am or listen to past show by subscribing to them here or via iTunes, iHeartRadio and Spotify. 

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Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 294 (Do You Have Fun At Work)  

We open the show with You Really Got Me by Van Halen in honor of this past Saturday this single was released in 1978! WOW!  The gang catches up - then we get What's Trending with Kamlyn, We talk about Keith Dion and his talent. Kazoo facts from Forrest, How to have fun at work from Kamlyn and Sean gives us Things we had 30 years ago but not anymore. Plus the gang offers us a Pocket Size Cinema. 

LINKS: Van Halen music

Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 293 (One Weird Show That's Been Edited)  

We Open with Let It Ride by Bachman Turner Overdrive in honor of the passing of drummer Robbie Bachman. Next Forrest talks about his caveman commercial shoot, Sean talks about a play he saw about I Love Lucy and Kamlyn talks about getting lost in Ikea. Then it's sports with Os Davis, Trending withKamly Jackson and then National Cheese Lovers , Squirrel Facts, 10 things not to do at CostCo and the most Bon Jovi streamed songs.

Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 292 (How Rude Are You?)  

We open this weeks show with In The Ghetto by Elvis & Lisa Marie - Next Forrest talks about doing a new commercial, Sean talks about  and Kamlyn talks about her sleep apnea test. Then we talk with Paul Preston from the movie guys and award season is here! Then do a new segment - What's Trending with Kamlyn, We find out how rude we are, how kids embarrassed their parents and signs where someone screwed up the Text. Plus the show has a new sponsor. 

Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 291 (We Have A New Family Member)  

Happy New Year to all of our listeners - May 2023 bring all of you answered prayers and blessings. We know they did for us cause we have a new Co-Host by the name of Kamlyn Jackson. After meeting Kamlyn we catch up and find out how our holidays were. Then we do sports with Os Davis. Next it's horoscopes, People we lost, Top New Years Resolutions, Our fave games to play outside as kids, most expensive bobble heads and New Years Resolution Tweets and finally we all get to know Kamlyn.

LINKS: Jailhouse Music 





Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 290 (Christmas Show 2022)  

We open with a classic Christmas song Silver Bells by Bob Hope and Marilyn Maxwell from the movie The Lemon Drop Kid.  We start off with Sean talking about his guitar and how it's on it's way, Kasey being busy at the Hotel, Forrest was busy with ... the boys and Nia is ready to move to her new apartment. Then it's sports with Os Davis and then Sean gives us the Sexiest Christmas song. Then it's to traditions of the reading of Twas The Night Before Christmas & The Polar Express. Along with 2022 voicemail messages, a visit from Rodney The Brown Nose Reindeer and Pocket Sized Cinema.





Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 289 (Secret Santa Sucks)  

Hey Gang - today we open the show with You're A Mean One Mr. Grinch by Gary Hoey Then we go right into Producer Kasey working a lot at the hotel - Not so much with Forrest but Sean complains about Secret Santa. Then it's movies for December with Paul Preston. The we talk about the Passing of actress Kirstie Ally, Mark Thompson's new book. Then it's on to our Christmas Traditions - Silver Bells by Steve Martin & Paul Simon, Elfis and the worst Christmas song ever.





Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 288 (Tis The Season For Sean To Screw Up)  

Hey Gang - The holidays are here so our theme song today is Tom Petty's Christmas All Over Again

We first catch up with Forrest and his son's game, Nia working on Sets, Kasey hard working at the hotel and Sean eating 7-11 Pizza. Then we get sports with Os and we are talking World Cup and Football. Next it's Horoscopes, the passing of Christine McVie. Then it's on to our traditions - The Dropping of the Yule Log, Elvis' Christmas Greetings and Elvis relearning his  greeting. Finally we give you best Holiday pick up lines and we call our friend Staci Lane Wilson.

Links: Tom Petty Music 





Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 287 (Nia's Trying To Say Something)  

Today's show we open with Ebay by Weird Al - why?? Tell us and you may win a YWD T-shirt

Everyone talks about their Thanksgiving dinner and how the week went. Nia gives some Black Friday Facts, Sean talks about the passing of Irene Cara, and this time the ladies offer up a Pocket Sized Cinema and the two offer up some What's News?!?!?

Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 285 (You Signed A Contract)  

Hey Gang today's show we open up with Valerie by Amy Winehouse - Why are we playing this song. Email your answer to and you can win a YWD T-shirt.

First off we have a guest in the house, our old friend Steve Silva who will be 73 when you listen to this episode. Next we got movies with Paul Preston from The Movie Guys and World Series recap and predictions for game 6 with Os Davis. Then it's horoscopes and then a new mayor candidate for Los Angeles calls in.





Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 284 (Once Upon A Hallows Eve)  

Today we open with Cat's in the Cradle by Ugly Kid Joe - But Why are we playing this song?? Give us your answer to and you can win a YWD T-Shirt ! 

We talk about the McRib, get news of game 1 of the world series from Os Davis, discuss the passing of Jerry Lee Lewis and Leslie Jordan, the best cocktails for Halloween and the pope calls in!





Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 283 (Check One Two... Is This On?)  

This weeks show opens with Johnny B Goode - why are we playing This Song? Email your answer to

Sean's Mic goes out but we get it fix - Forrest has a special announcement but not til next week. Sean announces new job. Then it's funny tweets about horror movies - the best Late Night Hosts of all Time, best costumes for 2022, Top Nuts Consumed and How much are the guys sons like them?



Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 282 (Wanna Play Chess?)  

We Open with My Own Worst Enemy by Richard Cheese - Why was this our theme song today? Email us your answer at !

First we talk about those that we recently lost, then it's sports with Os Davis. Then Top 10 I Love Lucy Episodes, Cringe Worthy Things at Weddings and a Pocket Sized Cinema

LINKS:  Richard Cheese





Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 281(What's Your Sign?)  

Today's show opens with Ride The Wind by Poison - why are we playing this song?  Email us your answer and you could win a YWD T-shirt !!!!  Nia talks about networking at an even. Forrest talks about being a background actor. Sean talks about trying to update his website as a musician. Then Nia gives us Not Real Words ... But They Should Be. Then the guys read actual funny signs. Then it's What's News?!?! and then we talk to our old friend Kat Ellis about the relaunch of her podcast.

LINKS: Poison Music





Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 280 (Happy 47 To Forrest)  

We open the show with Warrant's version of Hair of the Dog - But why did we play this song? Email us your answer and you can win a YWD T-Shirt !!!

First we talk sports with Os Davis then it's the movies with Paul Preston, next it's horoscopes then we celebrate Forrest's 47 birthday by going back to 1975.

LINKS: Warrant Music