Your Weekly Dose Podcast - Show 040 (So What's Your Fetish?) 

We open the show with the legendary Sammy Davis Jr singing The Candy Man since it's National Candy Day. Sean & Steve jump right in with friend and guest host Kat Ellis from the Chords & Vines Podcast. Steve catches us up with a special moment last week when his friend retired from the fire department in Corona. Sean shares the first time he guest hosted with Kat.  Sean gives shout outs to friend of the program Staci Wilson on her film Fetish Factory winning Best Picture for Planet 9 Film Festival, the New Monkees Get Together and thanking Keith Dion for a great interview last week.  Kat talks about her co-host doing a get together with his 8th grade classmates. Kat then talks about the Arts & Music Festival that she will be broadcasting from with our boys. Then everyone relives there World Series disappointment, best Halloween childhood moments, favorite candies and what makes a good sandwich for them. Then we do everyone's Horoscope (Steve doesn't believe his) and then wrap it up with What's News!?












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