Your Weekly Dose Podcast - Show 035 (Disney's Doing What To The Park!) 

We open with the song Playboy by the Marvelettes in honor of Hugh Hefner. Then we jump right in as Steve & Sean talk about their visit to Temecula to join Kat Ellis and Tom Plant - hosts of the Chords & Vines Podcast as they celebrated their 4 year anniversary. Intern Michelle shares her moments about meeting actress Natalie Portman. Next we share some of the recent Mean Tweets from Jimmy Kimmel. Then it's paying tribute to Hugh Hefner and learning more about him than just the magazine. Sean then talks about the Milo Murphy's Law/Phineas & Ferb Crossover and the rap that Dan & Swampy did to promote the new show. Then it's on to What's News?! including the new Commordore 64, Eye Tattoos, a news anchors water breaking on air and the changes at the Disney parks in Florida and here in So Cal. 














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