Sean's Story

In a musical age where the beats are getting heavier, the production thicker, and the live performances more theatrical, Sean Roberts has come full circle and now is keeping things simple: Just him, an acoustic guitar, and a great song. With his smooth voice and groovy, undressed sound, Roberts is the epitome of effortlessness. A true acoustic artist. Ironically, though, it’s been his penchant for simplicity that has brought so much depth to his songwriting.

“I don’t play with a band anymore when performing live, so I can’t add layers of guitars or a heavy drum beat like my albums do.” Says the t-shirt and jeans-wearing singer/songwriter. “Live my layers have to be more subtle. Focusing on stories and emotions. Words and melodies. I’m obsessed with fitting it all together just right so my audience can take home a wonderful memory.”

    Words and melodies aren’t the only things fitting together for Roberts these days. For this Southern California native who’s shared the bill with The Oak Ridge Boys, Arron Tippen, Poison's  C.C. DeVille & Bret Michaels, Enuff Znuff and his hero Richie Sambora just to name a few. Recently Sean has been performing House Concerts for his die hard fans up & down the West Coast and the South West. With his clever confidence and natural presence as a live performer, Roberts has most certainly proved himself to be a wonderful entertainer.  “I’ve done a number of these House Concerts. To me they are some of the most fun, exciting and memorable shows I have ever experienced in my career. Instead of having my fans come to me, I’ve decided to go to them and give them something memorable .”

    With eleven albums under his belt ranging from pop/rock to blues to alternative to country Sean has also proven how versatile he can be. This couldn't be more true on his current release House Concert Tour Live.  "This album is a wonderful example of my most popular songs performed at my house concerts. This album was recorded at five different house concerts that my producer put set up across Southern California. I feel that this is a really good representation of what it's like at one of my House Concerts and the diversity of the songs that I perform. I just hope that everyone enjoys the stripped down versions of the songs."   

With the 2016 release of The Upside of Heartache, Sean has reached into a subject that we all have felt and experienced but are always afraid to talk about. "Sure there are songs about the love you lost or the one you want or how you screwed up and you want to say your sorry. But those songs are few and far between. This is album is dedicated to all those emotions that come with heartache. It's something we all can relate to at some level. The bad date, being cheated on,  trying to get over someone, moving to a new town because of someone, the hardship of marriage - it's all in this album." This album features the songs Can't Love You That Way, Driving Through,  Tom T. Halls That's How I Got To Memphis and reunites Sean with singer/songwriter Anna Marie on All I Ever Needed.

His first release Stories Told & Untold (May 2002), is an album that displays his ability to create catchy riffs, memorable universal themes and a wide range of musical textures. He did this by combining New York street rock, Folk story telling,  70's rock and Chicago style blues.

    2004 to 2008 Sean was lead guitarist & producer for the comedy band BOB KNOWS BEST.  Together they  released 3 albums Gets Their Hair Did (Sept 2006),  Ancient Chinese Food Fight (May 2008) and Let's Get Ready To Stumble (Dec 2008). The band reached local and regional success including reaching the semi-finals in the 2007 Bodog Music competition. Roberts even co-wrote the song Hey Bartender which was featured as the opening credits song for the indie film The Dive directed by Michael Burgess.

    In 2009 Sean shifted gears and sought out help from close friend and singer for the band Void808, Oscar Oo, who guided him to a new sound that was able to give him a new voice as an artist and help stir the creative juices. Sean stayed true to his pop/rock sound that he is known for with his new songs, but at Oo's suggestion, this time added the Nashville flavor to the tracks.   The release of The Boy Inside the Man (June 2010) boasted 15 new songs, including the title track, The Boy Inside The Man, plus Let’s Talk About Me, Affection, Burnin' Desire and Love Doesn’t Live Here Anymore. "This album was a very long process and I'm very proud of it. It's taken me to a new level and evolved me as an artist.  I was very excited to share these new songs with everyone since this is a new chapter for me."   

     In 2011 Sean began to work with singer/songwriter Marie Hutchens. After several months of writing the two then began the recording process for their collaborations and formed the country/rock duo SYRIUS SOUTH. In  July of 2012  they released their debut album American Steel. “ This album not only pushed me as a songwriter but also pushed me as a producer. I’ve never truly done a country album but this one really tested my creativity. I played a few tracks including the title track American Steel  to Nashville producer Kim Copeland,  when she gave me the thumbs up I knew I was on the right track.”  The duo started their regional tour by selling out their first two shows at the Merc in Temecula and performing on KTST FM.

      Despite everything, Roberts’s main satisfaction still comes from his ability to put a story onto a set of chords. He’s spent countless days and many late nights pouring over the subtleties of his ever-expanding song collection. Sean is constantly working on a slew of new grooves itching to break out of the songbooks. He’s always ready to shed some new layers and tell some new tales and loves collaborating with other songwriters. “I'm always honored to work with older songwriters because they have the experience and have honed their craft, but I also love working with younger songwriters to get a new and fresher perspective on various subjects.  And when it’s all done I can’t  wait to perform them at my next Home Concert”.